Chinese American Girl Stacy Tao won NCWIT Award and Energy Day Award

Chinese American Girl Stacy Tao won NCWIT Award and Energy Day Award

On February 28, 2015, Saturday morning, National Center for Women & Information Technology(NCWIT ) Award for Aspirations in Computing – Houston Affiliate Award Celebration was held at Wilhelmina Cullen Robertson Auditorium at University of Houston – Downtown.

Winners of NCWIT Award are high school young women, who are being recognized for computing-related aspirations and for demonstrated, outstanding aptitude and interest in information technology/computing; solid leadership ability; good academic history; and plans for post-secondary education.

This year, there were almost 1,600 young women who was an Affiliate Award recipient. Among these, there were 44 Finalists in Houston, 20 were Runner-ups and 24 were winners. Fort Bend ISD Clements High School students Stacy Tao was honored as one of the 24 winners.

At the ceremony, Ms. Lauren Reonn, who came from Ohio on behalf of NCWIT, congrated all students and parents for their achievement and support. Dr. Uzman, Dean of the College of Sciences & Technology at UHD, also gave an inspiration speech, acclaimed and encouraged young women to continue their efforts and dedication in science, technology and computing fields, to contribute and lead more to the society.

In addition, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) and Consumer Energy Education Foundation (CEEF) selected 9 recipients out of 24 winners, announced them as Energy Day Academic Award winner. On October 17, 2015, Houston Mayor Annise Parker will formally present the award and monetary prize at Energy Day Award Ceremony. Chinese American girl Stacy Tao has also won Energy Day Award.

Stacy Tao, a junior student at Fort Bend ISD Clements High School, is a senior member of CHS Computing Club, Women Computing Club and Treasurer. She competed in various computing related competitions and won awards. Besides science, technology and computing, she is also a young artist and a proficient dancer, competed and won many awards as well.

Stacy Tao is the daughter of Past President of Anhui Association of Texas Ning Cheng, her parents both work in information technology field.

Big thanks to NCWIT, CEA and CEEF for their support to young women, and huge congratulations to Stacy Tao on her NCWIT Award and Energy Day Award.


2015年2月28日,星期六上午十点,在University of Houston Downtown的大礼堂,美国女性信息技术中心National Center for Women & Information Technology(NCWIT )在休斯顿的颁奖仪式隆重举行。


这次整个大休斯顿地区最后入围的高中女生共44名,其中24名是获奖者。 福遍学区克莱门斯高中11年级的华裔女生陶思源有幸成为获奖者之一。

从俄亥俄州专程赶来的美国女性信息技术中心的代表劳伦女士向到会的学生和家长表示热烈祝贺。UHD科学院的院长澳之曼(Dr. Uzman )博士也发表的热情洋溢的讲话并鼓励女生们在科学、技术、信息等领域不断进取,为社会作出更多的贡献。

另外能源消费联盟(Consumer Energy Alliance, CEA )和能源消费教育基金会(Consumer Energy Education Foundation,CEEF)又从24名获奖者中再次选拔最优秀的9名女生,其中包括陶思源,宣布她们获得了能源日学术奖 (Energy Day Academic Award)。 今年10月17日,休斯顿市市长Annise Parker将在能源日那天亲自颁发奖状和奖金。




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