Upcoming Press Conference – Li Lu


Dear Friends,
Please allow me to introduce Miss Li Lu 吕丽 to you. Miss Lu is a daughter of my friend Zimin Lu 吕自敏, she grew up in Sugar Land, TX, now is a movie director and producer in Hollywood. Some friends and I met with her and her parents on 3/31/2013 when she came back to Houston for a visit. Miss Lu is a very bright and hardworking young lady. She has the passion for film, film making, and want to prove that a Chinese American from an immigrant family can conquer Hollywood and make successful films for both American and Chinese audiences.

There will be a press conference this Sunday for Li Lu’s upcoming film “There is a new world somewhere”, 德州安徽同乡会 (AHAT) as co-organizer, sincerely invite you to join the event:


International Trade Center (ITC)

11110 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072

When: 2pm on Sunday May 5, 2013
Please join the event if your time allows, to learn more about Miss Lu, her new movie “There is a new world somewhere”, and most importantly, to show our support for second generation of Chinese immigrant.

See attached poster for press conference and a group picture:

Front from left to right: (AHAT副会长)承宁, (会长)张闻, 吕丽, (吕丽的母亲)曹志奇
Back from left to right: (吕丽的父亲)吕自敏,(AHAT秘书长)王福生,(副会长)汪宏正

Li Lu and Anhuiness

Thank you and hope to see you there!

Some more information about Li Lu and her movie:

吕丽出生于中国苏卅的书香门第,父母都是物理学博士。五岁时随家人移居美国。丽在美国东西南三个海岸长大,高中毕业于德卅糖城,以优异成绩毕业于南加卅大学电影艺术学院并获得学士学位。吕丽对艺术的兴趣开始于舞蹈,摄影, 随后进入电影制作。她的短片,<秋天的花>,<洪水之前>在世界各地的电影节上放映,例如纽约文集电影资料馆电影节,香港电影节,和indieVIXENS/SXSW电影节。她的音乐片已在Nickelodeon, 亚洲MTV, 和Channel V 频道上映,在YouTube 上的观众已经超过了100万。吕丽还致力于影像艺术和装设艺术。她至今已导演了共15部影片包括故事片,音乐片以及广告片和艺术片,并制作和助理导演了100多部片子。她的最新影像片正随音乐家Benoit Pioulard 全球巡回演出。迄今,她对自己的电影生涯感到欣慰,但是她真正的理想是更多的创作和导演故事片。

Also, the crowdfunding campaign for her film, 《外面有个新世界》, is now LIVE! I

Please take a look at this video about Li and her film: https://vimeo.com/65210189

To learn how you can help, please visit the project’s page: http://www.seedandspark.com/studio/there-new-world-somewhere


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