Impromptu Speech of Art 101                


Yesterday morning, during a casual talk with my director at work, I mentioned about my daughter, her artwork and her recent art awards.  She was very impressed and asked me to bring some pictures of Stacy’s paintings. Later that day, a couple of other coworkers asked me about my daughter’s artwork also, would like to see them.

I then remembered the PowerPoint presentation Stacy made for CHS art teacher. It includes brief introduction, her picture, award winning paintings/drawings, live model charcoal and other artworks. That will be perfect to send to the group at work.

That’s exactly what I did this morning. I received amazing compliments from my coworkers. Around 9am, I got a call from my Vice President, she said my director forwarded Stacy’s artwork to her, and she was extremely impressed and excited with what she saw, and asked me if I could show the presentation to her group at their 10 o’clock meeting. The call came in so sudden and I wasn’t prepared at all to her request, but I answered without hesitation: “Yes, Madame! Of course,  no problem.”

I planned to prepare some speech before the meeting, however was tied up with production support issues. It’s 9:55am already, on the way to the meeting room, I asked myself: who knows my daughter better? Who knows her artworks better? Who knows the art event better? The answer is me. Therefore I stepped in the room full of people, with smile and confidence.

I thanked the Vice President to give me such an opportunity to share Stacy’s artwork. Then I started to introduce Stacy and her artwork, and gave them a 30 minutes impromptu speech of art 101.

There was no Asian in the room besides me, it felt so interesting to sit in a conference room in the mid morning of Thursday, with project managers, team leads and business analysts, talking about art. ‘Wow’, ‘Look at that horse’, ‘I like that hand’, ‘I love that portrait’… They simply can’t believe what they saw was from a 14 year old kid. I told them you are not just draw what you see in your eyes; you draw what you see in your mind and in your heart. That is passion.

At the end of my talk, I stated learning art has helped kids to develop some wonderful skills, and engaged them to name a few. I got excellent responses from the group: creativity, strong observation, time management, persistence, patience, hardworking…My daughter may not be an artist when she grows up, but these skills she learned will accompany her in the future.

I met my director again in the afternoon and joked around what a casual talk can lead to…

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