Award Ceremony and More

                                                   Award Ceremony and More


It’s almost the end of May and yes, it’s almost the end of 2010-2011 school year.

Yesterday, I took half day off, attended my daughter’s middle school award ceremony. She is a 7th grader in Gift and Talent Academy, not graduate from middle school yet, it’s not an exit party, still there were quite a few parents showed up to witness the ceremony.

The ceremony started with two 7th grade girls singing, it surprised me with their performance skills. WOW. Then the award was called out for different subjects by their teachers. There are about 200 kids in 7th grade at GT Academy, among them about 40 kids received Honor Roll Award ( straight A). Some high achivers include FPS state champion, 2nd place at National Science Contest, a few students SAT scored as high as 2180 at Duke Talent Search Program…As a 7th grader, that is truly amazing.

I saw quite a few bright kids during the ceremony. Their names were called out almost for all subjects. Another singing of song “Memory” was tribute to a Math teacher who is leaving academy, 4 girls voice and lyrics touched everyone, seeing tears in Math teacher’s eyes made my sight blurry, and my mind drift away…

My daughter is going to 8th grade after summer, recently I have spent some time to research high school student guide, courses, grade points, credit, GPA, ranking etc etc. I realize that how to register kids for the right course in high school is a very complex process, it requires the combine skills of:

Strategic Planning

Master Scheduling

Risk Analysis

Not only that, it requires a 5 year planning (if not more).

Last week, when I was away from home for business trip, I thought I’d take a break, relax at night. Interesting enough, I ended up study High School Student Guide till 2AM at hotel, created a spreadsheet for 5 year (8-12 grade) course selection, including target/actual grade points/credits/GPA, how taking summer courses can impact the whole ranking at high school…I browsed some online forum about the how to “climb” Ivy League, it’s not easy, in fact, it’s very hard, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim for it.

My daughter told me that she would be very happy if she can attend Rice Universaty. I joked with her: “So you can eat rice every day, huh?” Rice U is No.1 is TX, it is many parents’ top choice here in TX, considering the ranking/cost, and parents can still see their kid frequently, if not weekly.

I don’t know where my daughter will land in the future, but we as parents will do our best to give her our guidance and support, I’m certain she will have a very bright future…

The award ceremony ended with teachers being rock star, pushed the party to high moments…Being in such energenic group, I became young and hyper too.

If you’ve never been to your kids’ award ceremony, try to be there once, show your support and feel pride. Pieces of memories are the award of life.

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