Blackbelt Ceremony Speech


Dear Adam,

We’re so proud of you! Congratulations!

You’re such a smart and enthusiastic boy.

I remember two years ago, when you were 6 years old, we signed you up for TawKonDo and you said you wanted to become a black belt. I wasn’t sure you could make it back then, but Adam, you did it!

In the past two years, you’ve grown so much at TKD, physically and mentally. We must thank all TKD teachers and staff, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Volda, Ms. Adams, Mr. Wilson and Ms.  You guys provide a well structured, discipline and yet fun environment for kids to learn. Not only you taught kids TKD forms, spurring and other techniques, but also you taught them the fundamental of life, honor, respect, integrity, and these lessons will benefit Adam and all other students in many years to come. We, as parents, really appreciate your dedication and efforts. Thank you!

Adam, I’d like to share a short story about the stars here. Is that okay?

Every time before the belt test, we get the form from TKD and give it to elementary school teacher to rate Adam’s behavior at school. Adam always gets ‘Three stars’ which is the highest rating. However, this time, we got the form back with a Two Star rating a few weeks ago. I know Adam is so looking forward to this black belt ceremony and of course, with three stars on his official black belt. Adam and I had a little chat; he was too hyper, too talkative at school. So we made an agreement, I sent another form to the teacher and explain to her, if Adam could behave well before the test, request her to change the rating. Adam did really well and even help teacher out at class. Finally, the teacher gave the form back with 3 stars! You hold the form tightly and told me: “Mom, the star doesn’t fall from sky, I earned it!” Yes, indeed, you take extra efforts and go extra miles to earn it.

Adam, you’re only 8 years old, you have a long life journey ahead of you, “winner never quit, quitter never win”. You’re a winner. Today, it’s a major milestone for your TKD training. Tomorrow, you can achieve whatever goals you set in your mind. The sky is unlimited, earn your stars, as many as you can!

Once again, Adam, congratulations and a job well done. We love you!

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