Allergy Test

                                                                       Allergy Test                                                9/3/2010

Last month, my son AT was sick for nearly a week. He developed hives all over his body and even had fever. Some hives were as big as apple, very itchy and scary. At one point, AT couldn’t stand for the itchy, screamed: "Mommy, I want to kick the hives out of universe’. I told him: "I’m so sorry, we’ve visited two pediatricians but they don’t have a fast way to cure it. Why don’t you grow up to be a doctor? So you can help yourself and others?"

He finally recovered. We suspect AT had food allergy, therefore yesterday, I took him to allergy specialist to perform allergy test.
In the clinic room, AT lay down on the bed, on his stomach. The nurse first drew 90 lines on his back, for food testing. Each line is corresponding to one type of food. AT felt so tickling, he laughed loud. However, he didn’t know each line also means one shot, the shot with needle.

Then, the nurse started giving him shots on the lines. After 5 or 6 shots, AT burst into tears. My poor boy. I didn’t expect that many either. 90 shots are too much for 8-year-old kid. Later, I had to hold his arms tight on the bed in order for nurse to finish.

After waiting for 20 minutes, the result came out; he was not allergy to any food tested.
AT looked at the doctor: "Are you kidding me? I took 90 shots for nothing?"
The doctor smiled: "You’re not allergy to food. We need to bring you back for the environmental test next week."

AT: "What? Another test??"

When we got home, AT described the experience to his dad: "First I laughed so hard almost choked myself. Then I cried so much, drink my tears…"
Dad: "What does your tear taste like? Sweet, sour?"
AT: "No, it’s salty."

Guess he really tasted his tears…He is not looking forward to the next allergy test!


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2 Responses to Allergy Test

  1. Wendy says:

    Is it possible he was bited by something? Poor boy.

  2. Adam(AT) says:

    Hey! Tester here! I ate something because I went to a friends house and there were no insects.

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