Welcome Home

                   Welcome Home                                         June 27, 2010


Tonight, my kids and hubby will come home from China, where they spent three weeks for vacation.


I cleaned up the house, cooked dinner, then drove to the airport. I so missed them, though I called them everyday during their stay in China. They traveled to different cities: Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing and of course, our hometown Hefei. My calls followed them everywhere they went.


At the airport passenger pickup, both Stacy and Adam gave me big hugs and kisses. They’re very excited about coming home. My hubby told me at Shanghai, the night before the flight back home, Adam wrote a list of things to do in the hotel:


Thing to do:

1.  Get up at 7am

2.  Eat breakfast

3.  Got to airport

4.  Go onto plane

5.  Su(r)vive flight

6.  Go Home!    (crying face)


I miss Mommy!!!


When Adam finished writing, he bursted into tears because he missed mommy!


We finally got home. Adam got off the car, started to cry ‘I miss home’…I held him tight and comforted him: “We’re home already, my boy, don’t cry.” He went inside the house, step into each room, upstairs and downstairs, as if he’s away from home for long long time. At last, he sat on the sofa in the family room, smiled: “It feels really good to be at home.”


I’m sure it does, my dear. Welcome home!



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