Home Alone

                                                                  Home Alone                                              6/9/2010
Just talked to my hubby and two kids on the phone, they’re in Shanghai, China now. My daughter already misses me, after leaving US for only a couple of days. She is such a sweet girl. I miss them too.
It feels so different. So quiet at home. Only TV makes noises.
It feels GOOD to be single again, even only for 3 weeks! No need to rush to home after work; no driving around catching kids’ activities at night and over weekends; no yelling for practicing piano and Chinese homework; no worry for their meals every day; all takes a pause! They’re on vacation in China. I stay here! Can you believe?
I have a long to-do list during their absence, if I can acomplish half of them, I’d be happy.
** catch up with GF ** excercise more ** read books ** post video on youtube ** create online photobook ** new recipes to cook ** play table tennis ** take care RE stuff ** wrap up tax ** watch a movie ** clean up house/body/soul ******
It is good to be home alone, "single" again. Indeed, even for 3 weeks.
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