The message below was sent out a year ago. I didn’t have a blog then, one of my friends encouraged me to start a blog. So many events happened between now and then, and it’s been a rough ride, here we are, a year later…Just want to reiterate the message.
My friends,
Last Saturday, I attended a memorial service. Tim is my co-worker at Imperial, his wife passed away last week, at age 53, after fought breast cancer for 10 years. As you can see in the pictures, the gentleman who stood in the middle is Tim.
You may feel wired that I’m writing to you after a memorial service, and you don’t even know who they are. But you know me, my friend. I take a pause in my life, thinking about you, each one of you. It really doesn’t take such a dramatic event to do that. However, such event does inspire me to sit down quietly, ponder and decide to express my emotion explicitly. It’s NOT easy, but we got to start somewhere, hopefully way ahead of funeral, right?
Back to Tim and his wife, it’s a long love journey for them, a tough one yet a touching one. I only met her once in person a few years ago, still I remembered her face and smile so vividly.
Saturday morning, I went to the church where the memorial service was held, sat at the back corner. The room was surrounded by pictures and flowers, the air was filled with love and faith…When Tim and I exchanged hugs, he had smile on his face and I had tears on mine…As he later described: ‘I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love…’
He was absolutly right. Days later, my mind couldn’t erase the scene, I felt the urge to write and share.
My dear friends, life is busy. There are always goals, milestones you wish to accomplish, and you have many wishes too.
Life is short. There are many people you may or may not know take the "express check-out", and you really can’t predict when that exit date is. Life is beautiful. Cherish and be grateful for what you have now, "glass is always half-full", remember all the good feelings others bring to you, and don’t forget to outpour yours…
Wish we all live the life to the fullest, each and every day.

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