Lasik Eye Surgery

                               Lasik Eye Surgery                                                                                               1/23/2010

I did it. I finally did it yesterday! After hesitating for years!

The Lasik eye surgery only took about 5 minutes. Dr. BJ was referred to me by two of my friends. He did a great job and has his very own style. During the surgery, Jazz music was playing very loudly which was part of his trademark. I asked him after surgery about it, Dr. BJ, a young African American, said with the loud voice: "First, the music is the distraction for patient, so you won’t feel too nerves. Secondly, the procedure has the rhythm, it keeps me focused, don’t think what to eat tonight. Another reason, it becomes my trademark, patients will ask IF I don’t play music."


He probably was right. I did watch the entire surgery on youtube yesterday morning, before my procedure. It does make me nerves. On the other hand, I knew exactly what to expect. When I lay down on the surgery bed, the nurse handed over a stuff animal to me so I can squeeze it if I had to. Every step Dr. BJ did I flashed it in my mind with the video I saw on youtube. What an interesting experience!


My hubby picked me up after surgery. I had to close my eyes for 4 hours! Just a good time to take a long nap.


When I woke up, ‘Hope For HaiTi Now’ concert was broadcasting on TV. I saw these famous movie stars and singers. After a few minutes, I suddenly screamed: " I can see them! I can see them without glasses or contact!"


Yes, indeed. I saw them clearly. It brightens my otherwise dark and dreary days in January.


If you really want to do something, please don’t hesitate, there is always risk in everything, that’s life, JUST DO IT!

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