Season’s Greeting


Dear Friends,


Do you know why the boy throws the clock out of the window?


Because he wants to see time fly.


It does. It’s hard to believe that 2009 will be gone in a few days. As we are probably at the busiest stage of our life, we need to take a break to drop a note, send a picture to each other, especially during holiday season. Christmas bell is ringing and Christmas tree is filled with love and hope.


Our lovely daughter Stacy is turning to 12 years old this month and she is a 6th grade student. Besides her straight A grade at school, her passion to dancing and art keep her (and us) very busy during weekend. She is a typical girl who is well organized and helping parents whenever she can, especially babysitting her brother. J


Our smarty son Adam is in 2nd grade and he is 7 years old. Don’t you agree he looks just like his daddy?  Can’t sit still in class and talk most of time, play too much of games…what a typical boy Adam is! He loves TaeKwonDo and is a brown belt now. His goal is to become black belt in 2010! Recently he won the first prize of his age group at Chinese Speech Contest in Great Houston area. We are so proud of him and will continue sending him to Chinese school during weekend.


Both my husband and I are still working in IT field at different companies in Houston. To balance family, work and other things is always challenging and indeed it’s an art of life. We just celebrated our 18th year wedding anniversary this month and look forward to many years to come. We all wish to master the art of life and to live healthier and happier than before.


Merry Christmas to you and your family! Happy 2010 and beyond!

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