Sickness Shot and more

Sickness Shot


Today, I took my kids to get H1N1 vaccine (swine flu). I simply told them they’re going to get flu shot.


My son AT, who is 7 years old, asked me on the way to the doctor’s office: “Mom, why do I need this flu shot?”


I answered him while driving: “So you won’t get flu.”


AT thought for a minute: “Mom, does doctor have sickness shot?”


Me: “What? Sickness shot? What do you mean?”


AT: “If I could get a sickness shot, then I won’t get any sickness at all. So I want a sickness shot.”


My daughter and I cracked up. I wish we had one.


It reminded me a joke he told his piano teacher not long ago. His piano teacher likes to shop online a lot: clothes, shoes, books, furniture…At the beginning of his piano lesson on Monday night, he asked his teacher:


AT: “Ms. Au, do you know why piano teachers like to shop online?”


Ms. Au had a puzzle look on her face: “Because, just because I like to.”


AT: “No, piano teachers like to shop online BECAUSE all their KEYS are stuck on their piano! Get it?”


Ms. Au laughed and asked AT: “That was a good one. Who taught you that?”


AT: “I made it up myself.”


I have to admit AT does have a very creative mind and a good sense of humor…He does light up my days. Thank you my boy!

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