Rose – Crochet Lady

I went to library at lunch time today, haven’t been to Crochet class for over a month, not sure if it’s still on.


It’s a cloudy day, almost rained when I stepped into the library. Turned left, sure enough I saw coach Mike and other women sit around the table.


Mike recognized me and greeted: “Welcome back, haven’t seen you for a while…” 

“Sorry, I haven’t been busy later…Good to see you again, Mike”, I smiled to him.


Looking around, there were more than ten ladies working on their own Crochet projects. Some made blanket for new born grandkids, some made scarf for out-of-state mom, some made vest for dog…


One lady sat on the wheelchair, working on her beautiful blanket, ‘Hi Rose’, I knew her since she helped me before.


It started raining outside. I sat down and focus on my crochet project, Mike helped me from time to time, he even came up a few new ideas to make the scarf prettier.


An hour passed quickly, when I get ready to leave, Mike waved to me: “See you next time, don’t stay away from so long.”. Rose raised her head and looked at me: “Please come back. We love to see your sweet face and the sunshine you bring here.” Rose was a sweet lady. I thanked her and stepped outside the library.


The rain stopped, the Sun came out. I thought about Rose on the way back to work, about her wheelchair, about her blanket, about her sweet voice…I realized that most (if not all) crochet ladies were in their sixties. I was the only Asian lady, only young Asian lady there. Maybe that’s why Rose meant as sunshine.


Crochet? Very feminine. Nowadays, most women at my age don’t have the mood to enjoy it. But I do, and I will remember, Rose, a wheelchair lady, what she said to me made my day, even she didn’t remember my name.


To Rose, the Crochet Lady.

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