Tips for Falling Asleep

Tips for Falling Asleep and Sleeping Well


It’s a tough week, since Monday. Things happened as you least expected. What you want is slipping away, what you don’t want is dumping to you…


This morning, my frustration was gradually building up; I decided to talk to someone before it’s getting worse. A friend and I talked, not surprising me, he has his own frustration too, though different symptoms, different causes…His problem is insomnia.


Many people suffer from insomnia, myself included, a year ago. There are tons of tips on how to fall asleep fast and sleep well if you search on the Internet. Some apply to you, some don’t. I just compiled a list based on what I read and what worked for me. Hopefully it will help whoever read this blog.


  1. Sleep in YOUR comfortable bed. I don’t like mattress, no matter how firm they are. So all my beds are hardwood bed with cushion.
  2. Sleeping in a cooler room. Your body’s systems are slowed and sluggish at lower temperatures.
  3. Do some light reading. Choose a book you can easily pick up and put down. I like to keep magazine, poetry near my night stand.
  4. Drink a glass of milk may help make you drowsy. It contains calcium and Tryptophan that helps the body relax.
  5. Cut out caffeine after 2:00pm. I don’t drink coffee at all, I don’t drink tea after 2pm.
  6. Keep the TV and computer off for 30 to 60 minutes before bed. The light from the screens can trick your body into thinking that it’s still daylight and not time for sleeping.
  7. Try to condition yourself to respond to a physical stimulus. Every night when you’re drifting off to sleep, give yourself a concrete physical cue – something that you wouldn’t do at any other time. A good example is stroking the bridge of your nose with your thumb. Continue repeating this movement until you fall asleep.
  8. Say good night to your worries and shut the bedroom door on them. Literally. Or write them down and close the book on them; whatever it takes. I often tell myself, tomorrow is another new day, it will be better day.


In many cases, worry, anxiety and stress is the root cause of insomnia. Job challenge, family conflict, financial difficulty etc can keep you up at night. Everyone has worries and lists of things to do, but it is important to teach yourself to let go of these thoughts when it’s time to sleep.


It’s funny my frustration went away after I tried to help my friend to overcome his insomnia.


Good night and have a sound sleep!

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