Diary – Week of 13 July 2009

Diary – Week of 13 July 2009


Monday 13 July 2009


At lunch hour I went to HPL, attending their weekly Yoga class. I haven’t been in Yoga class for a couple of years, it felt so good and comfortable to back to it, these stretches, poses and breathing…A couple of co-workers went with me, we all enjoyed the sessions.


Funny thing was on the way back on the elevator, someone saw me carrying a mat and couldn’t help asking me: “Did you take a nap?” “Oh yeah, during a Yoga class…” I grinned.


Monday night as usual was kids’ piano lesson. I decided to walk to piano’s teacher’s house to pick up my daughter ST, my son AT wanted to tag alone. It took us 25 minutes to get there. AT was tired and thirsty. After AT recharged with cookies and water at teacher’s house, ST didn’t want to walk home but AT insisted. So I didn’t call BT to pick up. We stepped out teacher’s house, ready to walk back. It’s 9PM. 


Suddenly, on the corner of the street, a familiar car and license plate jumped into my sight. BT’s car was right here waiting for us! The engine and light were on. Two kids ran into the car cheerfully, without hesitation, me too.


Tuesday 14 July 2009


Today co-worker FL and I went to a scrapbooking class in HPL, during lunch hour. The instructor provided material and taught us how to make a simple mini-scrapbook. There were about 10 attendees, all ladies. We all followed the instruction, measure, fold, glue…then tied a beautiful ribbon on the cover of scrapbook. It was a three-layer book, with different pattern on each page, only needed to stick on some pictures, it would come alive! My first scrapbook!


After work, I took care of some RE business and felt some accomplishment.


Wednesday 15 July 2009


It’s been a while Chinese co-workers haven’t got together. Finally, we had a group lunch today. It always felt relaxing to chat, joke and laugh out loud, and caught up what’s going on with others. After all, people need social life, even though we are all independent.


Someone suggested having lunch again next month, I went ahead set up for 8/18/2009. I rarely schedule lunch this way, but it’s good to plan ahead.


See you next month.


Thursday 16 July 2009


I went to Crochet class in HPL at lunch hour. This time I came prepared, brought ‘Crochet Fashions’ and all the tools, there were 8 ladies there; teacher Mike was kind enough to show me how to make ‘Basic Granny Square Pattern’. Since I didn’t review last lesson after Thursday, it’s a bit challenge. Thanks to the instruction sheet, I finally made round 2 of Granny Square. Yeah !!!


In the afternoon, I helped with IT Wii tennis competition prep, finalize rules, design certificates, and detail the labels…


At night, spending entire evening at library, helping ST prepare for CBE math grade 6 exam.


Time went by fast when you have fun!


Friday 17 July 2009


TGIF! Though I had to work. Kindly declined a lunch invite and went to stress-relieve class at HPL. I couldn’t even believe myself this was 4th times this week I came to HPL!


The class was indeed very good. The instructor was so thoughtful to bring a case of blanket for us to use. The breathing part was hard for me to master, but I knew I was getting better and better.


Our family went out for dinner, in a Chinese restaurant in SL, surprisingly enough, we met 3 families. Good to see friends and everyone was doing fine.


Saturday 18 July 2009


It’s not a relax Saturday.


In order to help ST prepare of her exam next week, I had to spend the whole day at library with her. The 6th grade math book couldn’t be checked out, library use only. While she was doing all the practice tests, I did the same test and reviewed her answers too. Some term I couldn’t remember or never knew the English term, so I had to review the textbook. For the whole day, I felt like being a 6th grade student.


Sometimes question myself: “Are you smarter than a 6th grader?”


After dinner, I asked BT to help out with math as well. He did and we three had good time studying together.


I must be in very good mood today after kids went to bed. I put on a fancy PJ, surprised BT and we had a great activity…


Life is good.  Shouldn’t I be satisfied with what I have?


Sunday 19 July 2009


Waking up in the morning, feeling energetic, put on my running gears, I ran about 30 minutes near the neighborhood. Sunday morning was so quiet. Most people were still in their sweet dreams. However, ducks were seeking for breakfast near lakes, birds were singing to welcome me. It’s a lovely morning.


After running, as I promised to kids, we went to watch ‘Harry Potter – Half blood prince’ before lunch. ST was die-hard fan of ‘Harry Potter’ so she made herself a ‘Harry Potter’ T-shirt by designing and painting ‘Hedwig’ on the shirt, with her name on. Of course, she wore her shirt proudly to AMC theatre.


After movie, our family had lunch at mall nearby. Everyone was happy and relaxed.


In the afternoon, ST and I continued preparing the exam, we basically reviewed and learned 6th grade math in ONE weekend!!! WOW!


We went to friend’s house for dinner party. Happy hours!



I haven’t had such fulfilled week for quite a while. Therefore want to write it down, and keep it in the memory box. 

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