Learn Something NEW series – Crochet

7/9/2009 Thursday


Learn Something NEW series – Crochet


It was another hot day. I went to library near my workplace during lunch hour today. I attended Crochet classes taught by Mike. It’s a FREE class hosted by HPL, which I didn’t know till recently.


Mike was an old man who has retired. He looked very vice and patient. When he knew that I was a novice, he gave me a hook, colorful yarn and a few instruction pages, then he showed me hand by hand how to make a chain stitches and single crochet.


I followed him and read the instruction sheet as well. It only has 12 steps for single crochet: make a foundation of chain stitches, push the hook into the stitch and pick up the yarn, pull the yarn through the first loop on the hook, then pick up the yarn with the hook and pull it through both loops on the hook…


It wasn’t hard, was it?


After I learned ‘Single Crochet’, Mike taught me ‘Half Double Crochet’, ‘Double Crochet’ and ‘Triple Crochet’. In less than one hour, I mastered the fundamental crochet. Mike and other elder ladies, looked at me and praised: ‘You did great! You sure don’t look like a novice.’


I smiled and admitted: ‘ I used to crochet when I was a little girl. My mom taught me how. But I haven’t done it for so many years that I almost forgot how. Now, I think I recall some.’


Looking at these beautiful pieces Mike crocheted, I gasped. He made these based on the patterns and instructions from Crochet Magazine. I never knew there were instructions and never knew how to read them. But today, Mike taught me how to read them and in the future, I can read them to crochet.


Is there an old saying: ‘Learn to read and read to learn’? It applies to everywhere.


One hour passed by so fast, I was so focused and enjoyed the hook, yarn, loops and crochet. For a moment, I felt like a little girl, happy, content, nothing to worry about, wandering for mysterious future…


I know what to do next time when my daughter asks me to teach her crochet. Who knows maybe when she becomes a mom, she will remember her mom teaches her how to crochet. Life extends, generation after generation…


With a big smile on my face, I said bye to Mike and I will be back.


I’m glad that I learned something NEW today – Crochet!

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