Monday Night

5/18/2009   Monday
It’s a Monday night, as usual, I drop my son at piano teacher’s house. Not as usual, instead of sitting inside and listen to him play, I decide to give this 30 minutes to myself.
Piano teacher’s house is near the Grants lake. Strolling around her house towards the lake, what a beautiful scene: sunset shining on the bench, ducks swimming in the lake, a father teaching his son fishing, a young mom and her little girl giggling on the swing chair…There are even people canoeing in a distance…
I sit down on a bench, facing the lake. It’s neither hot nor cold, just right temperature, no wind, the lake feels warm and calm, so as my heart. Staring at the lake, for a moment, I nearly forget where I am, who I am. My mind drifts away. I literally see Bao He park (
合肥包河公园) at my hometown in China, Xuan Wu Hu park in Nan Jing, China (南京玄武湖公园)…The faces of my relatives and friends are right in front of me, close but blur. Suddenly, homesick strikes me strongly as I least expect.
I open the Chinese poetry book I brought, flip to a page randomly, read on:



The meaning of the poem is as following:


My friend has left the west where the Yellow Crane Tower

Heading to Yang City in March with willows and flowers

His lessening sail is lost in the boundless blue sky

Where I see but the endless River rolling by


This poem was written by famous Chinese poet Li Bai, who lived in Tang dynasty, more than a thousand year ago. Poetry was popularly used then to express man’s desire and sentiment.


Moon rises, it’s getting dark…Looking upon in the sky, another piece from Li Bai:


今人不见古时月, 今月曾经照古人


A bit sad but beautiful, remind me one of my friends.


As I am told and I tell others, you hear as twice as much IF you listen with your eyes; you see as twice as much IF you watch with your heart…Try it.
Closing the book and stroll back to the piano teacher’s house, I can hear the music, soft but touching, my son’s face is so naive but true, a big smile appears on my face, in my heart…
Oh Monday night.

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1 Response to Monday Night

  1. Wendy says:

    a beautiful writing.

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